2018 год: что случится 16 декабря, сбудется ли пророчество Майя, что предсказывала Ванга, настанет ли конец света в этом году. Раскрываем все тайны!

2018 год конец света

Что произойдёт 16 декабря и сбудется ли пророчество Майя?

30 years of Honda NSX - the nightmare of Italians


30 years of Honda NSX - the nightmare of Italians

This month, 30 years ago, crowds of spectators surrounded the booth of a Japanese company at the Chicago Auto Show. And there was an unprecedented Japanese model - a concept, but very close to a pre-production car, which soon bored the people of Ferrari. The mistake was theirs...

However, fans were not mistaken in admiring the car called the Honda NSX for Europe and Asia and the Acura NS-X for North America and other markets around the world. The world saw the first supercar of the Japanese brand, but even met by fans, no one could predict its true success in the future. With the advent of Honda (www.hondabook.ru/en) car dealerships, the model changed the world of cars forever.

Because the NSX turned out to be more than just another fast car on the market. Japanese engineering created the car as a weapon against European dominance in the supercar world, while offering a functional and durable vehicle. While the fragile Ferrari and Lamborghini models spent most of their time in service, the NSX proved to be a supercar for everyday use without causing headaches to its owner.

The Honda NSX (derived from New Sports car eXperimental) defines the term "everyday supercar". Its reliability, low maintenance and repair costs, and excellent ergonomics are in the original DNA. A perfect example of this is its interior with attention to detail and incredible visibility for the driver, unattainable by any of the competitors' cars. In the 1980s, moving a Ferrari into your garage required a "regulator" on the outside of the car.

In general, the supercar does not impress the buyer with luggage space, dynamic qualities and driving performance. And in this area, the NSX performed on equal terms with its then competitors with 275 hp. provided by a three-liter V6 VTEC engine. Equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, the car accelerated from standstill to 100 km/h in 6 seconds, an achievement equal to that of the Ferrari 348, which was $40,000 more expensive!

However, NSX has always delivered more than just incredible dynamic range. It was the first car to use an aluminum monocoque chassis, which ensured low weight and high strength of the body. In the final phase of the development of the car, Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna was involved, who helped bring the model to a real "racing" car.

Naturally, the NSX was developed over 15 years of production. A larger 3.2-litre engine has been added, and chassis and suspension changes have been made to achieve even better cornering behavior and dynamic performance on the road. The modification of the car was the first to receive the designation Type-R - in 1992.

After the cessation of production in 2005, unfortunately, Honda did not offer a new model to replace the NSX. It took another ten years to revive the pre-model. However, the pause prevented the name Honda NS-X from becoming one of the world's automotive legends and icons.

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